Learn about Silviculture!

Silviculture is the branch of Forestry that deals with establishing, caring for and reproducing stands of trees for a variety of forest uses including wildlife habitat, timber production & outdoor recreation. Silviculture also encompasses caring for, reforesting and restoring natural landscapes and forests.

About This Site

Why was it developed?

This website was developed to educate Canadians about the field of Silviculture. Many Canadians do not even know what the word means, yet more than half a million Canadians are employed in forestry-related or silvicultural positions. Canada has loggers and mill workers who process lumber, silviculturists who rebuild the next generations of forests, government employees, foresters, researchers and scientists, contract labourers and small business owners, and many more people involved in Forestry & Silviculture.

Our Country

People are involved in Silviculture in every part of Canada. Forestry and Silviculture provide millions of jobs, and contribute greatly to Canada's national economy.